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Creative Space is a research study that aims to support and investigate the development of students' spatial thinking and creativity using Minecraft: Education Edition.

Spatial thinking and creativity are important skills for students' achievement in STEM education and occupations. But, sometimes their importance can be overlooked. This project aims to help teachers and schools equip students with these skills so they can succeed in the future. 

The Minecraft: Education Edition activities are designed by researchers from Dublin City University and learning specialists from Dream Space at Microsoft Dublin headquarters for 5th and 6th primary classes. Scroll below to check out what's involved.


Note, the study is currently at maximum capacity and we are no longer recruiting classes to take part. 

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Learning with Tablets

Who can take part?  
5th and 6th class

  • 5th and 6th mainstream primary school classes in the Republic of Ireland. 

  • Classes should have regular access (60-90 minutes per week) to individual devices (e.g., laptop, tablet) that are capable of running Minecraft: Education Edition.

  • Students should have not previously used Minecraft: Education Edition in class.

What's involved? 
6-week Minecraft Intervention 

  • Participating classes will be randomly assigned to an intervention group or a control group

  • The intervention group will complete curriculum-based activities in Minecraft: Education Edition designed to help the development of spatial thinking and creativity. This will take place over a 6-week period from October-November 2022.  The control group will engage in their typical classroom activities during this period and get the opportunity to complete the Minecraft activities starting in January 2023. 

  • Classes will be asked to dedicate 60-90 minutes to these activities each week. 

  • Support to be provided will include student workbooks and a step-by-step teacher guide. Phone and email support will be available for the duration of the project.

  • To evaluate the impact of the activities on students’ spatial thinking, classes in both groups  will be asked to complete spatial thinking and creativity assessments designed for primary school pupils on three occasions. These assessments allow us to evaluate changes in these skills over time. Each assessment will take less than 1 hour. 

  • Participating teachers (intervention group) will be asked to share their experiences of the project with the researchers in a short online focus group in December 2022 to help us understand teachers' experiences. 

  • Participation in all aspects of the research is voluntary. 

What are the benefits? 
Minecraft: Education Edition accounts

  • Students will get an opportunity to improve their spatial thinking and creativity.

  • Classes will be given free Minecraft: Education Edition licenses for one academic year.

  • Participating teachers will have access to classroom resources and professional development in the use of Minecraft: Education Edition developed by educators at Microsoft Dream Space. 

  • All participating classes will enjoy ongoing technical support for the duration of the project.

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Note, the study is currently at maximum capacity and we are no longer recruiting classes to take part. 

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